Monday, August 11, 2014

Birthday E-card Sites

Top eight Web Sites free Birthday eCards to send to the special person in your life this year. If you are looking for serious, whimsical, inspirational, or heartfelt cards, you are sure to find the perfect card to show your person just how much you care on this Birthday.

123 greetings web site offers over 150 free Birthday eCards for you to send to any person, siblings, parents, friends, or anyone else. There are latterly thousands of cards here for every occasion under the sun and moon.

Blue Mountain has plenty of free Birthday eCards for the special person in your life this year. This web site offers many cards for all occasions and the holiday sections include serious, funny, and even whimsical selections.

Greet 2k has plenty of flash technology based free Birthday Cards to send to the special person in your life. This site is quick loading and has many unique all occasion cards and greetings.

Hallmark is a trusted name in greeting cards and has been for years. Did you know that one their web site they offer tons of free Birthday eCards?

Egreetings is a quick loading web site that offers a nice sized collection of free Birthday Cards so send to your person or a person in your life.

Care 2 is a web site has free Birthday Cards, these are nice cards and greeting perfect for the persons in your life.

Deepest Feelings web site has a nice collection of free Birthday eCards, loads quickly, and is perfect to express the love you have for your person.

American Greetings is a great web site that has tons of all occasion cards and has plenty of free Birthday eCards. You are sure to find the perfect card for your person here.

Most of these card sites also have a nice collection of all occasional cards and greetings to send to everyone in your life. Choose among hundreds of special birthday cared from any of these web sites and you cannot go wrong.

Did you know that some of these web sites allow you to schedule when a card can be delivered? Therefore, you can go in, choose seven cards, and have them delivered on different days of the week to make the person you care about realize how much you care?

For the ultimate birthday surprise visit, each web site here, and send the birthday person a free ecard, and with ten cards they will know they are very special to you.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Dora the Explorer Theme Party

Dora the explorer is a great show for your child to watch, as it teaches cultural awareness at a young age. Perhaps if all young children learned this while they were younger the world would be a better 

Dora the explorer along with her friends Boots and cousin Diego not only teach cultural awareness, they also teach about animals, basic bi-lingual, but it also teaches about being kind towards others.

On rhapsody, your child can listen to all the full length Dora the explorer songs they hear on the show plus many more. This is kid approved and very kids friendly, so there is no need to worry here.

For rainy days where your child needs something to keep, them busy why not print off some coloring pages, just add the crayons, and let your child's imagination shine through those dark dreary days. There is also plenty of Dora the explorer activities for your child to have fun with and they include puzzles and other activities to help develop hand and eye coordination as well as thinking skills.

Why not throw a Dora the explorer themed party for your child with this site, and at the party, you can play these games, which are all Dora the explorer themed. Over at this site you will find free printable games or perhaps you are looking for a word search game featuring everyone's favorite bilingual little girl.

Games as well as more family based crafts are a great way to celebrate the day with your favorite Dora the explorer. Online you will find so many fun things to do with your child you will never get bored.

If you would like to send a free birthday card to Dora the explorer's favorite little friend send one from thissite. If you insert sticker paper into your printer, you can use the clipart and other graphics from this site to give as little presents to inspire, praise or reward your child.

Sometimes potty training concepts are hard to get for some younger children, and their trusted friend Dora the explorer can help to make it easier. A Parent can print of potty training charts; gather ideas on how to make this task much easier and a whole lot more enjoyable to everyone.

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