Monday, March 26, 2012

Cheap Easter decorations for kids

For this one you will need one empty egg carton, 1 piece each of red (or orange) and white felt, 12 small sized pompoms and 12 medium sized pompoms, glue, scissors, and imagination.

You can use the top of the egg carton to hold the little piece of felt that an adult has cut. The white felt will be cut into small circle that will become the eyes of the chicks while the red or orange piece will become the beaks of our crafty little chicks.

Add a bit of glue to each eggcup and put a medium size pompom in there, follow that with a dad of glue to add a small pompom to each medium one. Add the eyes and beaks and allow ample drying time. Simply cut the egg carton cups apart, and each segment will become a little chick.

Another Cheap Easter decorations for kids is to make a cool basket.If you have an empty soda bottle or milk carton, just sitting around it too can become a cheap decoration. Clean it well, and cut the top off so that it is only 4-6 inches tall and we can create an Easter basket from it. Fill the bottom with grass and decorate the outside with holiday stickers, or simply cotton balls from the beauty section of your favorite department store. Add paper eyes, ears, nose, and some pipe cleaner whiskers, and kids will love it.

Yet another Cheap Easter decorations for kids is a blooming tree Do you have a flowering tree in your yard or access to one? Watch for when it begins to get the bud nibs and break off a branch. Place the branch into a decorated coffee can or vase with water. Now you can hang little Easter decorations on it that you have picked up at the dollar store for cheap. In a few weeks, the branch will bloom if you keep adding water as needed and you can teach the kids a bit about science while you are doing this.

Cheap Easter decorations for kids do not need to be cheesy, or ugly. The tree, chicks, and even the basket outlined here can help make special memories this year. I hope you will create some of these cheap Easter decorations with your kids this year.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Easter Party on a Budget

Hosting an Easter Party on a budget for people of all ages can be done easier than one might imagine. This type of party is unique, so it should be well received by the intended guests.

The theme for this Easter Party will of course be bunnies and chicks, and the other decorations should be light pastel colors of green, yellow, pink and of course blue.

When making the invitation search the internet for copy write free graphics of bunnies, chicks, and every thing else related to Easter. Save the images to your computer and with card making software design the invitations with your free graphics.

Purchase napkins, plates, cups, and balloons in the following colors green, yellow, pink, and blue at the dollar store for your Easter Party. Also, pick up some crepe paper that you can use for decorative purposes. Some cheap holiday stickers can be placed on cups to decorate them a touch.

If you have a string of Christmas lights handy hang them around the room to add to the festive atmosphere. If you have a small tree, why not string it with green or white lights and hang little Easter decorations on it. With enough planning, three to four weeks before the holiday go outside, bring in a branch of a lilac tree, and put it in water. It will bloom at Easter time and fill your house with its pleasant aroma and a splash of color.

Print off the images to use as decorations or even games. A big bunny printed on an eight by ten sheet of paper is perfect for planning a quick game of tape the tail on bunny. For little ones sheets of Easter themed coloring pages are always a hit, and for the older kids' one can print off holiday day themed word searches and puzzles. Placing smaller Easter graphics on a sheet of sticker paper will allow the kids to create their own stickers.

Be sure to include an egg hunt at your Easter Party, all the plastic eggs do not need to be filled with candy. To many children these days are on special diets, which restrict sugar so add tiny erasers, and other trinkets to the eggs along with non-sugar snacks. Some eggs could even contain loose change.

Another neat idea is to have special eggs, make sure there are only a few of this color and put slips of paper in them with a number. If you use pink, eggs for this purpose tell the kids, they are only allowed to have one pink egg. AT the dollar store, choose a few special gifts stuffed animals, art sets, or pails of sand toys will work. Put a number on the special gifts and the child who gets the pink egg with that number wins the prize at the Easter Party.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Food Spring Party for Preschoolers

If you are hosting a spring party for preschoolers then you will also need to include foods that you know they will enjoy. These items should be healthy finger foods that they can enjoy. The spring party foods for preschoolers listed within this short guide will help you in your planning this year.

For preschoolers you will need to keep safety in mind as well as portion control, all of which are included. Kids this age love to feed themselves and they enjoy many colors so be sure to add a variety of colors in your menu.

Jell-O Jiggles
Jell-O jiggles are fun any time you eat them. Preschoolers and other children really seem to enjoy them all the time. These make a wonderful addition to the table menu at a spring party celebration. Be sure to prepare different flavors so that the kids can select their favorites. It does not matter if you use a mold or simply cut them into squares, the kids will love them.

Fancy sandwiches
Create a wide variety of sandwiches and cut them in triangle quarters for easy handling of the preschoolers. You can try varieties such as peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, or chicken salad. The small size makes them easy to pick up for anyone. If you make these up ahead of time, store them in the refrigerator until it is time to eat to ensure safety.

Fruit slices
Fruit is a great alternative to sugar laden deserts on the market today. Fruit is good for you and most preschoolers love to eat it. Fresh fruit is better, but for convenience, you can purchase frozen or canned fruit that is ready to be served. Oranges and bananas can be peeled quickly and served fresh and can be served with plain yogurt for dipping.

Individual tarts
Parents can purchase prepared desert shells, which are sponge cake in the bread isle of your favorite grocery store. You can fill these with pudding or pie filling to create individual tarts that are perfect for your preschool spring party.

Cheese and Crackers
Preschoolers love cheese and crackers and this is the perfect healthy snack for them. Purchase a variety of cheese and cut it into cubes for their enjoyment. Great varieties include American, cheddar, and other type of cheeses that can be cubed or cut into small pieces so that the preschoolers can put them on their crackers. If it's available in your area that cheddar cheese with little bits of pepperoni inside of it is a great cheese for preschoolers as that pepperoni is typically not spicy.

For cracker bases, you can use plain old saltines or the circular snack crackers read the spring party for preschoolers. Townhouse crackers are also good for the preschoolers because they are very easy to eat, and a very good plain.

I hope this handy guide of spring party food ideas for preschoolers has helped you in some way or at least inspired you to help celebrate spring in this fun way.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring party activities for preschoolers

Spring party activities for preschoolers are a fun enjoyable way for these kids to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Children have cabin favor as most as other people do, so having a party specifically for the preschoolers and other young children this is a great way to alleviate the burning desire to get outside. Please allow this guide to help you as you plan your activities for your preschool spring party. It is my hope that the springtime party activities for preschoolers will help you have a great celebration this year.

Treasure hunts can be fun for people of all ages, but preschoolers will need simple verbal directions as to what to find. If there are enough adults to watch the children to insure their safety this is a great outdoor activity.

Before the children come, you want to hide various things around the yard that they can easily pick up, such as a green frog, a yellow egg, or other color specific items, which are small enough for them to carry or to pop in a basket.

All the green frogs should be in one area, and should every item, to make this a treasure hunt. Adults know that a treasure Hunt is played by picking up specific items, but we also know that preschoolers did not have very vast attention spans so we need to limit the amount of items in this treasure hunt.

One adult have to tell the children what they need and then the children go find it. Be sure to say something specific so that the kids can understand where to go, such as the frog behind the big green thing, if the frog is hiding behind a green big tree.

Hide various Easter eggs outside or inside the home for the eager preschoolers to find. Make sure you put age appropriate Items within the Easter eggs as we would not want any children to be hurt at this spring party for preschoolers. Every parent will thank you if you limit the amount of candy that goes into these eggs, so feel free to put other things inside. Give the children of basket and allow them to go in search of the Easter eggs.

If you have a box of pudding in your cupboard you can make a finger paint, which is an easy cleanup, great tasting, and non-toxic for preschoolers. We all know that children love to paint and using a box of pudding, and mixing it with the milk as you would to eat it gives them the perfect finger paint. If you do this activity inside did not allow them to sit at a table, which has carpeting, or rug beneath that. The better course of action is to let them finger paint outside on a deck that you can spray off with the hose.