Monday, April 13, 2015

Decorating Ideas July 4 Patriotic Pride

If you are a freedom loving, flag waving, patriotic American who loves Fourth of July, then have I got some ideas to help you celebrate this year in some unique ways! You will see many ideas to go red, white, and blue on our beloved America's birthday.

Awesome Growing flag
If you have a lawn that has a slight hill near the road, why not show your patriotic pride and grow a flag on that hill? Of course, your flag will have bits of green in among the colors but hey, it is wonderful to see nonetheless. Creeping Phlox comes in your choice of red, blue, and white so grab enough to plant as soon as possible in a flag formation. Plant three alternating rows of first red closest to the road and then white creeping phlox flowers, which are each about 7 foot long if possible.
Then we will be planting a row of red, white, red in a five-foot long rows, but at the end of these three rows, plant blue creeping phlox then a white one for the last 2 feet of those top three rows. Water often and spray with miracle grow and by the time Fourth of July rolls around, you will have your own colorful flag in your yard.

Decorate the trees
Who says that Christmas lights are only for Christmas time? If you use the red, white, and blue strands only, you can decorate the trees in your yard this is very festive for July 4 and it is unique. These red, white, and blue lights would look great on evergreen trees or shrubs.

Ring around the flagpole
Plant a low growing red plant in the outer circle around the base of your flagpole, and then plant a medium size white flower near the base, reserving the area right next to the flagpole for blue morning glories, which will climb the pole. Do not worry you can somewhat control the growth of the morning glories so they do not climb too far and interfere with old Glory flying proudly atop the flagpole.

Patriotic Flower boxes
Again, carry the theme of the patriotic colors of red white and blue into your flower boxes. These look awesome if you get smaller plants of red and blue and get a trailing plant of white to grown in the flower box but trail downward.

Hanging Flowerpots
These always look great on a porch and if you add red, white, and blue flowers in them, they make a great decoration for July 4. Truthfully, you can hang a pot of flowers from a low tree branch using a piece of rope and add a splash of patriotic color to non-flowering tree.

A patriotic Tree
Hang a spinner from a low branch on a tree to make it a festive yet patriotic tree. My mom loves those spinners, which have become popular in the last few years; they are a single piece of plastic that twills in the breeze. She has about thirty patriotic spinners hang from a small apple tree in the front yard.
Mom got them on clearance at Wal-Mart last year, and when they are spinning, it really looks very cool. If you cannot find the ones, which have, the stars and stripes on them just select red, white, and blue ones and hang them on your own trees.

Another Patriotic Tree
Get some wide ribbon from your local Wal-Mart or craft store and wrap it around the trees for a patriotic look. If you cannot find the Americana or patriotic types, then select some each of red, white, and blue and make bows around different trees. You can also wrap porch supports with red, white, and blue.

Make several Flags
Flags look great any time of year, and it is never a wrong time to show your American pride or patriotic colors. So paint the doghouse with a flag on the side, rover will love his newly decorated home; do paint the birdhouses around the yard red, white, and blue.

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