Monday, August 27, 2012

Father's Day in Heaven, I Miss Ya Dad

Everlasting love is what I have for you, dad
Long shall that love remain
Long shall the memories of you remain
I wish to hear your voice more than anything
Oh to hear your voice to
Telling me one more story about your younger days or
Telling me how to succeed at something that I am struggling with

Thanks dad for everything you have given me
I shall always hold your wisdom close
My heart you will never leave
My life would not be the same without you

Just take care of yourself up there,
Rest in peace dad, I miss you

My dad was a great man because he loved with his heart and told you straight up the real deal on everything. I miss him more than words can say. If one looks at the first letter of each line of this poem, you will know my dad's name.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Signs from Heaven

How does one know they are getting a sign from a loved one who is now living in Heaven? The signs are plentiful if you know where to look and what to look for.

My dad passed in late November of 2010, in the days following his passing we all were visited by a lone honeybee. Some people would say honeybees are all over, but for us we knew it was a sign because in late November in Pennsylvania the honeybees are simply not out. They all disappear as the nights begin to grow chilly in late September here. We saw a lone honeybee outside our homes as well as inside. As he lay in a comatose state for his final five days, a lone honeybee climbed up the window of his hospital room.

While our signs were obvious, other people may have a hard time figuring out what their signs are. A childhood friend, who lost a twenty four year old daughter, was looking for a sign that her daughter was safe in Heaven. My friend noticed that every time she began thinking of her daughter a morning dove would come and sit in a tree where she could watch it. She soon realized this was her sign from her daughter.

If you have dreams featuring that loved one, and that loved one tells you that 'thing are fine' this is a direct message to you that things are indeed fine. Usually people get this sign if they are grieving too much and cannot seem to move past the death. I have also had dreams about my dad in times of great stress. My dad tells in that 'things will be better' and this lets me know that dad is watching. I find great comfort in those dreams.

Signs can be a feather floating down when there are no birds around or a smell of that person's cologne or perfume when no one else is around. Coins on the ground, if they are the year of that loved one's birth are a sure sign. Especially if you find multiple coins on different days, randomly as you go about your week.

When you find yourself missing someone who has passed look for the signs, you will find them. Signs from heaven come in dreams, coins on the ground, to animals and insects, you simply need to look for things that repeat each time the grief is at the worst.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Saving Money on Paper Wedding Items

Having a wedding is a huge expensive event. Some wedding paper items are just not worth the money you will pay for such an event. You can have a great wedding and have it as memorable as if you had spent thousands of dollars on it. Many people simply do not have tons of money to pay for all the fancy paper trimmings.

Many people want the fancy invitations from a printer. These are indeed awesome to look at, but seriously, they will be looked at once and tossed away or meet a similar fate. Instead, send away for a mail order catalog from a company, which designs these. Use the cards in the book as examples and create your own.

Office supply stores as well as department stores have the fancy paper to make the invitations just as fancy as they are in the books or from a printer. You can download trail version of a card design program and the only expense you have is for the paper and envelopes.

With the right greeting card software, you can create many of the holders of wedding favors. For example, the Print Master software will help you create the little boxes to hold mints. Get the small bite size Hershey bars, and the small stickers, which fit, on them. Use your card software to print small labels, which have your names on them. Attach the labels to the candy bar wrapper. You have personalized wedding candy bars at a fraction of the cost.

Go into the dollar store and purchase tablecloths for all the tables, except for the bridal table. The bridal table should be a linen tablecloth. Pick up napkins, plastic silverware, and the paper plates while you are in the dollar store.

While you are in the dollar store look at the wedding decorations. You can find some very cute ones here. You can find a big banner that says congratulations on your wedding. No one will realize you got them there so do not worry about such things. Sometimes you can find the little containers of bubbles with the congratulations on them and this would be a nice gift for your guests.

Almost any fancy paper item you will pay much money for at a printer or specially store can be created on your home computer and printer. Take your time designing these items and you can have fancy paper goods without the high cost.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Balloon Releases for Loved Ones

Balloon releases can be done on many occasions and they are a great way of remembering those family members or close friends who have passed on. This brief article will give you ideas on when and how to release the balloons.

Helium balloons will automatically rise to the sky when released. Sky Lanterns, are much better to release than balloons. These are 100% paper items. The bottom is lit and the heat from the flame fills the balloon-type top and carries it skyward. On the day my dad passed in 2010, my six siblings, our mom, and I released these hot air balloons to let him know we missed him. You can purchase these Sky Lanterns in bulk at this website.

With these items, the entire thing will burn up as it rises skyward so there is no fire danger. There is also no danger of a bird or other small item dying from any plastic or Mylar from a regular type balloon. These are more environmentally safe then the classic types as well.

At a wedding when the grandparent, or mom or dad of the bride or groom has passed as the couple leaves the church the one who lost the family member should release a balloon. This can be a printed balloon with the names and date. You could also use a sharpie to write a special message.

Do not forget the other special days such as Wedding Anniversary, birthdays, Grandparent's Day, Mother's Day or Father's Day or any holiday the person loved. You can release balloons with personalized messages at anytime to acknowledge the much loved and missed family member. My dad gets them often because he had a huge family who misses him immensely.

Please be forewarned that in the winter months balloons do not fly so well. My first granddaughter passed in late November and on some of the years, we have trouble getting the balloon up. We assume this is because of atmospheric conditions.

Many people believe that loved ones who have passed join us in spirit at special occasions. Acknowledging that we feel them there is very important and this is why many people do the balloon releases.