Monday, April 20, 2015

Fourth of July Table Decorations Patriotic Parties

A fourth of July table decoration is a wonderful idea for any of us who are wishing to celebrate our patriotic side and add a splash of color to a small table I have ideas for bigger table decorations and I offer all of this to my patriotic country women and men all around the united States.

Small Red, white and blue tabletop decoration for Fourth of July parties
Small table:
Carination, red, white, and blue, two of each
Clear marbles
A tall vase
Small American flags
Two Tablecloths, blue and white
Patriotic confetti
Small dish of starlight mints.
Lay the white tablecloth on the small table, as you normally would do, and then lay the smaller blue tablecloth on top at an angle so you can see the white one underneath. Place the marbles into the tall vase, fill with water, and place the six flowers into the water. Add an American flag to the vase along with the flowers. Sprinkle some of the patriotic confetti around the table, so that they are separated. Add your small dish of starlight mints to the table to provide your guests with a delight for the eyes as well as their stomachs.
Get the flowers at your local flowers, your flower garden or a grocery store, and the rest of the items can be found in tour local Wal-Mart's craft section, this is an easy Fourth of July tablescape for a small table.
Medium size 
This is a table where your guests can sit and eat their food after they have made their plates at a different location.
Medium size table
Tablecloths (one each of blue and white)
Patriotic confetti
A silver beverage bucket (your choice flowers or beverages and ice)
One wide patriotic ribbon
Four cloth red napkins
Four settings of silverware
Four chairs
Lay the tablecloths on the table first the white one, and then lay the blue one on top at an angle so that the white one shows. Place the large bucket on the table, you can fill it with ice, and some assorted beverages or red, white, and blue flowers. Wrap a set of silverware in the red cloth napkin and place it on the table next to where your guests will place their plates. Add four chairs and you are set to have a medium size table that is patriotic and functional.
All of these items can be found at your local Wal-Mart or other local department store.

Large size tabletop decoration  for your red, white, and blue Fourth of July parties
This is perfect for food tables and this is for a large table about the size of what you would find in community halls or volunteer fire companies around the United States.
One Large community table
Two white tablecloths
One blue tablecloth
Three large silver buckets
Three patriotic ribbons
Plastic Silverware
Red Napkins
Red Paper plates
On the table place the white tablecloths end to end, and the blue one lies on top of the white ones, so that the white tablecloth shows on both ends. At one, end of the table place a bucket, this has a patriotic ribbon around it, and put your plates and napkins in it. Place another bucket wrapped with the patriotic ribbon next to it and place cups and napkins in there. The other bucket wrapped with a ribbon will hold your hot dog and hamburger buns, which remain in their wrappers. Set the food on the table, and starting with the buckets near the silverware, add dishes of salads, meats then your bucket of rolls, finishing up with the deserts.

Tiny size tabletop decoration 
Why do you need a tiny table set up for a big Fourth of July party? Simply to draw the bees and other pests away from your guests is always a good reason for a tiny table away from other stuff.
A small white tablecloth
Two Mayonnaise jars (or similar size jars)
Two Patriotic ribbons to tie around the jars
Queen Anne's lace (wild weed some people call a flower)
Few drops of red and blue food coloring
2 cups of water
½ cup of sugar
Place the tablecloth on a small table away from your food table. Tie the ribbons around your mayo jars and add a cup of water and 1/4 cup of sugar to each jar. Add a few drops of red food coloring to one jar and a few drops of blue food coloring to the other one and pop a Queen Anne's lace into the colored water. Do not make this table to fancy as it only purpose is to draw the bees away from your guests and food tables. The sugar water draws the bees, which fall into the water and cannot get out. The food coloring in the water will travel up the stems of the Queen Anne's lace flowers and will color them either red or blue, which adds a splash of color to your table. The Queen Anne's lace flowers are very pretty especially when colored but most people myself included dislike the scent of these flowers.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Decorating Ideas July 4 Patriotic Pride

If you are a freedom loving, flag waving, patriotic American who loves Fourth of July, then have I got some ideas to help you celebrate this year in some unique ways! You will see many ideas to go red, white, and blue on our beloved America's birthday.

Awesome Growing flag
If you have a lawn that has a slight hill near the road, why not show your patriotic pride and grow a flag on that hill? Of course, your flag will have bits of green in among the colors but hey, it is wonderful to see nonetheless. Creeping Phlox comes in your choice of red, blue, and white so grab enough to plant as soon as possible in a flag formation. Plant three alternating rows of first red closest to the road and then white creeping phlox flowers, which are each about 7 foot long if possible.
Then we will be planting a row of red, white, red in a five-foot long rows, but at the end of these three rows, plant blue creeping phlox then a white one for the last 2 feet of those top three rows. Water often and spray with miracle grow and by the time Fourth of July rolls around, you will have your own colorful flag in your yard.

Decorate the trees
Who says that Christmas lights are only for Christmas time? If you use the red, white, and blue strands only, you can decorate the trees in your yard this is very festive for July 4 and it is unique. These red, white, and blue lights would look great on evergreen trees or shrubs.

Ring around the flagpole
Plant a low growing red plant in the outer circle around the base of your flagpole, and then plant a medium size white flower near the base, reserving the area right next to the flagpole for blue morning glories, which will climb the pole. Do not worry you can somewhat control the growth of the morning glories so they do not climb too far and interfere with old Glory flying proudly atop the flagpole.

Patriotic Flower boxes
Again, carry the theme of the patriotic colors of red white and blue into your flower boxes. These look awesome if you get smaller plants of red and blue and get a trailing plant of white to grown in the flower box but trail downward.

Hanging Flowerpots
These always look great on a porch and if you add red, white, and blue flowers in them, they make a great decoration for July 4. Truthfully, you can hang a pot of flowers from a low tree branch using a piece of rope and add a splash of patriotic color to non-flowering tree.

A patriotic Tree
Hang a spinner from a low branch on a tree to make it a festive yet patriotic tree. My mom loves those spinners, which have become popular in the last few years; they are a single piece of plastic that twills in the breeze. She has about thirty patriotic spinners hang from a small apple tree in the front yard.
Mom got them on clearance at Wal-Mart last year, and when they are spinning, it really looks very cool. If you cannot find the ones, which have, the stars and stripes on them just select red, white, and blue ones and hang them on your own trees.

Another Patriotic Tree
Get some wide ribbon from your local Wal-Mart or craft store and wrap it around the trees for a patriotic look. If you cannot find the Americana or patriotic types, then select some each of red, white, and blue and make bows around different trees. You can also wrap porch supports with red, white, and blue.

Make several Flags
Flags look great any time of year, and it is never a wrong time to show your American pride or patriotic colors. So paint the doghouse with a flag on the side, rover will love his newly decorated home; do paint the birdhouses around the yard red, white, and blue.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Fourth of July Trivia for Your Party

Fourth of July Trivia is not only fun it can be educational as well, and with the interesting facts here, you can have fun at your special Fourth of July party. The answers will follow the trivia directly in italics, so you can print off this page for your Fourth of July party and let the fun begin.
We have all heard about the Liberty Bell during our early school years as children growing up within America.
1. The Liberty Bell is a huge part of early American History, as we all know. Was there only one Liberty Bell cast?
2. The Liberty Bell is a symbol of freedom here within America but when was it last rang?
3. Our National Anthem is The Star Spangled Banner" as well all know but who wrote it?
4. We all know that the Fourth of July is also called Independence Day, but why is it celebrated as the most important American holiday of the year?
5. Which American President also celebrated his birthday on the Fourth of July?
6. Three American Presidents died on the Fourth of July who were these great men.
7. When did the Fourth of July become a legal holiday?
There is no grading, nor scoring and your reward is a job well done or perhaps a little education!
Questions and answers for the Fourth of July trivia
The Liberty Bell is a huge part of early American History, as we all know. Was there only one Liberty Bell cast?
According to historical facts the first two versions of the Liberty Bell were defective and were melted back down and recast.
The Liberty Bell is a symbol of freedom here within America but when was it last rang?
The third Liberty Bell rang on every Fourth of July from 1778 until it cracked in 1835 it has since remained quiet.
Our National Anthem is The Star Spangled Banner" as well all know but who wrote it?
Frances Scott Key wrote this beloved song and it was set to an English drinking song titled "To Anacreon in Heaven".
We all know that the Fourth of July is also called Independence Day, but why is it celebrated as the most important American holiday of the year?
This was the day that the declaration of Independence was singed in Philadelphia Pennsylvania back in 1776. It is also America's birth date, and one, which is celebrated by fireworks, parades, picnics and of course by flying the flag,
Which American President also celebrated his birthday on the Fourth of July?
Calvin Coolidge the 30th president was born July, 4, 1872 in Plymouth Vermont, so he was born onAmerica's birthday.
Three American Presidents died on the Fourth of July who were these great men.
John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe
When did the Fourth of July become a legal holiday?
The fourth of July became a holiday in 1941, before that it was just observed as a national holiday.
Happy Birthday America, and I wish all those celebrating her birthday within her beautiful borders has a happy, safe, and healthy Fourth of July.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Memorial Day Trivia

Memorial Day trivia for everyone, there is no prize to be won here, but perhaps you will learn something and that is our reward. The answers to these trivia questions follow the questions.

1. What was the first state, which officially celebrated Memorial Day?

2. Originally, Memorial Day was first known as what, the hint is the day begins with the letter d.

3. Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?

4. Who is General John Alexander Logan and what role does his memory play in our Memorial Day 

5. On this special day of remembrance, should the American Flag be half raised all-day or fly in all her glory at full mast?

6. What is the nationally recognized flower of Memorial Day?

7. What day of the week is Memorial Day held on?

Memorial day is not all about the heralding of warm summer months as most people believe but a day of remembrance to honor those who gave their lives so that all Americans could enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit if happiness.

Most Americans will spend this day, with family and friends in the afternoon having the first picnics of the season, and enjoying the warm weather. In the morning, most of us will go to the graves of our grandparents and lay flowers while offering a prayer.

My Grandfather Elliott Timm served in Germany during the war, and I will visit his grave to lay flowers there, but I will also lay flowers Grandma Doris Timm's grave as well which in next to grandpa's. I could not imagine honoring only my grandfather on this special day and ignoring grandma's.

Here are the answers to the trivia questions for this special Memorial Day learning activity.

1. New York was the first state, which officially celebrated Memorial Day in 1968, making it the birthplace of this holiday.

2. Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day and it celebrated the memory of those soldiers who had died serving the country during the civil war. Southern states rejected to celebrate those fallen soldiers on Memorial Day until after WWI when the meaning of Memorial Day changed from honoring to honoring Americans who died fighting in any war either at home or aboard.

3. Memorial Day is a day of commemoration of those who have died fighting for the freedom of every American.

4. General John Alexander Logan declared that Memorial Day is to be observed by decorating the gravestones of soldiers who died while fighting for our freedom. He was a man of passion who believed that no one should be forgotten for the scarf ices they gave so that all of us could enjoy the freedoms that we enjoy.

5. On Memorial Day Old Glory should be at flown at half-mast until noon, then she should be raised to the fly at full mast.

6. Red Poppies are recognized as the Memorial Day flower these littler red flowers were first worn back in 1915 to honor fallen soldiers. When you see the folks from the VFW selling the red poppies out side of your local stores, purchase one and wear it proudly for those who died giving us our freedom.

7. This holiday is always celebrated on the last Monday of the month of May and has been this way since 1971 when the National Holiday Act of 1971changed it from May 30 to the last Monday.

Sources include:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Memorial Day Party-- Organize your own

Are you hosting a Memorial Day party this year or will you just be sitting back and enjoying it with family and friends? I have a few ideas to share with you about how to have a safe yet fun Memorial Day party this year with everyone you love.

I have a huge family and we do have holiday parties for all of us, and let me tell you we are a huge family. Four generations of the Timm family will be gathering at my parents' home in Athens, Pennsylvania to celebrate and have a Memorial Day party. Let me tell you organizing something for this huge family at times is a monumental task, but with everyone doing their part it all seems to work out somehow.

Sister Carmon is organizing the food for the Memorial Day party this year; she keeps a list of who is coming and what they are bringing. Family will supply the main food, and friends of the family will bring in the condiments, paper plates, cups, and silverware.

Sisters Lori and Diane are organizing the games for the younger children as they tend to have the most grandchildren of all of us at this Memorial Day party. There are prizes won in these games, my sisters will purchase the stuffed animal prizes, and we will all chip in for the prizes. Games will include tossing a ball, running and a variation of an Easter egg hunt for the toddlers to 6 year olds.

Sister Kim and her boyfriend Bob are organizing the Memorial Day party games for the kids from 6 year old and up. These games include volleyball, redneck horseshoes, and an obstacle course. An older person helps the younger ones, so it is a team effort and the kids tend to have a ball.

There will no doubt be a live band at our Memorial Day party, as brother Trace, and brother in law Willy have a band and will use this as a practice session. After dark, we will gather around a bonfire, if the burning ban has lifted and sing around the bonfire.

I will be creating the Memorial Day party invitations on my computer and Ray will help me hand them out 3 weeks before the party to may family. I will give each family member a few extra invitations so that they can invite a few friends. This years invitations include a mention of the new family members we have gotten since the last summer, which is four little boys.

I also include updates to the family tree during this time, as it is important to remember where we all came from at this Memorial Day party. As our family grows rapidly, each year it is harder to keep everyone in touch and by adding this family tree update, it is easier. Mom and dad help me to organize this family tree and they include little stories about our ancestors, which are fun to read.

This year marks the first time that all the family will be at a Memorial Day party, as my youngest brother and his rather large family of nine just moved back to Athens. The family has decided to let these people sit back and enjoy the Memorial Day party, but next year they too will be in the planning of this fun family celebration.

There will be no alcohol at this Memorial Day party as it is a family day, where we all gather to have fun the old-fashioned way. There will however be plenty of laughter, water balloon races, food and music with family and friends and that is what a Memorial Day party should be.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Remembering Those who Died Memorial Day

Remembering loved ones who have passed on is a great thing to do on Memorial Day, yet some people find them selves doing the same things year after year. There are alternatives to placing flowers on gravestones, yet many people do this simply because it is tradition.

This year as you are remembering loved ones who have passed start a new tradition in that person's memory. On Memorial Day instead of adding flowers to the gravestone, plant a flower garden on your property in memory of that person. Plant that person's favorite flowers and this way as you take care of the flower garden you will be reminded of that person.

Memorial Day is the perfect time to plant a tree or shrub as you are remembering loved ones who have passed, as the frost is out of the ground in 99 percent of the United States. What a better way to show you love someone then by planting a tree in their name, you can look at the tree and always remember why you planted it.

If you are remembering loved ones who have passed and were members of a volunteer fire company or quilting club why not make Memorial Day donation in their name. This not only helps an organization that that person enjoyed, it also helps your community and lasts a lot longer then cut flowers.

If you are remembering loved ones who have passed and enjoyed books, donate one that you know they would enjoy to the local library in their name, or better yet sit down and share a children's book at story hour that reminds you of that person on Memorial Day.

At your Memorial Day party start by remembering loved ones who have passed, share funny stories about them. Tell the younger generation about interesting things. There is no better way to keep the memories alive then by passing those memories onto the younger generation.

You could also share a time of special remembering loved ones who have passed with the traditional foods you serve at your Memorial Day party. There is always a pot of Uncle Bill's beans on the table, and a cake from scratch as my Grandma Wright would have made. There are always barbecue ribs, as my Grandpa Timm loved; we even use his special family recipe.

I hope that I have given you the inspiration to begin a new Memorial Day tradition of remembering loved ones who have passed on.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend FREE Graphics

Are you looking for free Memorial Day weekend graphics to dress up your MySpace page or personal web pages? I have plenty of web sites, which may have just the perfect images you are looking for.

The best site to find free Memorial Day weekend graphics without a doubt is wonder cliparts web site, which are perfect for your MySpace profile. This site is very popular simply because it is where the best images are. There is a great collection of all types of images here.

The Holiday Graphics web site is all about holidays, and this makes it a great site for those people who wish to decorate their web pages. You will find a decent size section free Memorial Day weekend graphics here. Not only will you find all types of images here you will also find wallpapers to dress up your computers desktop.

Hellas Multimedia has some of the best patriot clipart found on the internet and these images make the perfect free Memorial Day weekend graphics for any of your needs. If you are creating a MySpace or general web page in memory of a solider these are the perfect images. There are all sorts of web site clipart here from buttons to lines and everything in between.

J S Magic is a unique web site dedicated to the heroes who have given their lives so that we may live in freedom. You will find inspiring free Memorial Day weekend graphics within the server of this web site.

WTV-Zone is not just another web site, which has free Memorial Day weekend graphics. All four branches of the United States Military are represented within the pages of this site, in full color. You will also find 911 clipart along with other holiday images.

Anne's Place is a very well designed web site where you can get tons of free Memorial Day weekend graphics as well as other graphics and backgrounds for your web pages. The fantasy and angel images are outstanding and unique!

Zingerbug has a great selection of free Memorial Day weekend graphics, which are perfect for your myspace profiles, or personal web pages. This web site also includes plenty of messages for the holidays as well as the glitter images, which are so popular on the internet these days.

Plenty of web sites on the internet offer free Memorial Day weekend graphics to anyone who wish to use them. Remember to save the images onto your own computer, so you are not a bandwidth hog and your web pages will load quicker.

Free Memorial Day weekend graphics sources include: