Monday, January 26, 2015

Memorial Day Party-- Organize your own

Are you hosting a Memorial Day party this year or will you just be sitting back and enjoying it with family and friends? I have a few ideas to share with you about how to have a safe yet fun Memorial Day party this year with everyone you love.

I have a huge family and we do have holiday parties for all of us, and let me tell you we are a huge family. Four generations of the Timm family will be gathering at my parents' home in Athens, Pennsylvania to celebrate and have a Memorial Day party. Let me tell you organizing something for this huge family at times is a monumental task, but with everyone doing their part it all seems to work out somehow.

Sister Carmon is organizing the food for the Memorial Day party this year; she keeps a list of who is coming and what they are bringing. Family will supply the main food, and friends of the family will bring in the condiments, paper plates, cups, and silverware.

Sisters Lori and Diane are organizing the games for the younger children as they tend to have the most grandchildren of all of us at this Memorial Day party. There are prizes won in these games, my sisters will purchase the stuffed animal prizes, and we will all chip in for the prizes. Games will include tossing a ball, running and a variation of an Easter egg hunt for the toddlers to 6 year olds.

Sister Kim and her boyfriend Bob are organizing the Memorial Day party games for the kids from 6 year old and up. These games include volleyball, redneck horseshoes, and an obstacle course. An older person helps the younger ones, so it is a team effort and the kids tend to have a ball.

There will no doubt be a live band at our Memorial Day party, as brother Trace, and brother in law Willy have a band and will use this as a practice session. After dark, we will gather around a bonfire, if the burning ban has lifted and sing around the bonfire.

I will be creating the Memorial Day party invitations on my computer and Ray will help me hand them out 3 weeks before the party to may family. I will give each family member a few extra invitations so that they can invite a few friends. This years invitations include a mention of the new family members we have gotten since the last summer, which is four little boys.

I also include updates to the family tree during this time, as it is important to remember where we all came from at this Memorial Day party. As our family grows rapidly, each year it is harder to keep everyone in touch and by adding this family tree update, it is easier. Mom and dad help me to organize this family tree and they include little stories about our ancestors, which are fun to read.

This year marks the first time that all the family will be at a Memorial Day party, as my youngest brother and his rather large family of nine just moved back to Athens. The family has decided to let these people sit back and enjoy the Memorial Day party, but next year they too will be in the planning of this fun family celebration.

There will be no alcohol at this Memorial Day party as it is a family day, where we all gather to have fun the old-fashioned way. There will however be plenty of laughter, water balloon races, food and music with family and friends and that is what a Memorial Day party should be.

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