Monday, April 20, 2015

Fourth of July Table Decorations Patriotic Parties

A fourth of July table decoration is a wonderful idea for any of us who are wishing to celebrate our patriotic side and add a splash of color to a small table I have ideas for bigger table decorations and I offer all of this to my patriotic country women and men all around the united States.

Small Red, white and blue tabletop decoration for Fourth of July parties
Small table:
Carination, red, white, and blue, two of each
Clear marbles
A tall vase
Small American flags
Two Tablecloths, blue and white
Patriotic confetti
Small dish of starlight mints.
Lay the white tablecloth on the small table, as you normally would do, and then lay the smaller blue tablecloth on top at an angle so you can see the white one underneath. Place the marbles into the tall vase, fill with water, and place the six flowers into the water. Add an American flag to the vase along with the flowers. Sprinkle some of the patriotic confetti around the table, so that they are separated. Add your small dish of starlight mints to the table to provide your guests with a delight for the eyes as well as their stomachs.
Get the flowers at your local flowers, your flower garden or a grocery store, and the rest of the items can be found in tour local Wal-Mart's craft section, this is an easy Fourth of July tablescape for a small table.
Medium size 
This is a table where your guests can sit and eat their food after they have made their plates at a different location.
Medium size table
Tablecloths (one each of blue and white)
Patriotic confetti
A silver beverage bucket (your choice flowers or beverages and ice)
One wide patriotic ribbon
Four cloth red napkins
Four settings of silverware
Four chairs
Lay the tablecloths on the table first the white one, and then lay the blue one on top at an angle so that the white one shows. Place the large bucket on the table, you can fill it with ice, and some assorted beverages or red, white, and blue flowers. Wrap a set of silverware in the red cloth napkin and place it on the table next to where your guests will place their plates. Add four chairs and you are set to have a medium size table that is patriotic and functional.
All of these items can be found at your local Wal-Mart or other local department store.

Large size tabletop decoration  for your red, white, and blue Fourth of July parties
This is perfect for food tables and this is for a large table about the size of what you would find in community halls or volunteer fire companies around the United States.
One Large community table
Two white tablecloths
One blue tablecloth
Three large silver buckets
Three patriotic ribbons
Plastic Silverware
Red Napkins
Red Paper plates
On the table place the white tablecloths end to end, and the blue one lies on top of the white ones, so that the white tablecloth shows on both ends. At one, end of the table place a bucket, this has a patriotic ribbon around it, and put your plates and napkins in it. Place another bucket wrapped with the patriotic ribbon next to it and place cups and napkins in there. The other bucket wrapped with a ribbon will hold your hot dog and hamburger buns, which remain in their wrappers. Set the food on the table, and starting with the buckets near the silverware, add dishes of salads, meats then your bucket of rolls, finishing up with the deserts.

Tiny size tabletop decoration 
Why do you need a tiny table set up for a big Fourth of July party? Simply to draw the bees and other pests away from your guests is always a good reason for a tiny table away from other stuff.
A small white tablecloth
Two Mayonnaise jars (or similar size jars)
Two Patriotic ribbons to tie around the jars
Queen Anne's lace (wild weed some people call a flower)
Few drops of red and blue food coloring
2 cups of water
½ cup of sugar
Place the tablecloth on a small table away from your food table. Tie the ribbons around your mayo jars and add a cup of water and 1/4 cup of sugar to each jar. Add a few drops of red food coloring to one jar and a few drops of blue food coloring to the other one and pop a Queen Anne's lace into the colored water. Do not make this table to fancy as it only purpose is to draw the bees away from your guests and food tables. The sugar water draws the bees, which fall into the water and cannot get out. The food coloring in the water will travel up the stems of the Queen Anne's lace flowers and will color them either red or blue, which adds a splash of color to your table. The Queen Anne's lace flowers are very pretty especially when colored but most people myself included dislike the scent of these flowers.

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