Monday, January 23, 2012

Cheap Valentine's Day

Cheap Valentine's Day decorations are in your local dollar store. You will find cheap prices on beautiful decorations. When you go looking for these cheap Valentine's Day decorations, be selective and creative. Remember this - the dollar store is your best friend for cheap Valentine's Day decorations.

Your local dollar store is full of things that only cost a buck, and that would help you in your quest for cheap Valentine's Day decorations. Dollar stores are notorious for having candles, of every shape, color, and scent that you could ever want. Occasionally your local department store will have a good sale on candles, but not very often.

For these cheap Valentine's Day decorations, you will also be using some flower rings, candle, glass candle globes, and Christmas lights, from the department stores or your local dollar store.

Okay the first cheap Valentine's Day decorations, is simply a decorative votive candleholder that has a flower ring around it. The depending on the type of candleholders that you purchase you can have a quiet soft romantic statement. I think the larger candleholders look better for the votive of candles, and one of the Globes are perfect for this. Simply buy a flower ring to go around the bottom and make sure the color of the flowers in the flower ring match the color of the candle.

Get out your Christmas lights. If you have any of the small white lights, they add a festive romance to your Valentine's Day decorations atmosphere. Simply hang the string of lights over the door or window casing to add a touch of romance. At Christmas time, you can purchase the Green Garland, which has the tiny white lights throughout it, this is perfect for using along with your Valentine's Day decorations, there are so many things you can do with this one, let your imagination go wild.

There are chunky pillar candles in the dollar stores; you can use as well. Purchase a chunky pillar in a color of your choice along with a nice flower ring to go on the base of them. Just make sure that the flowers of the flowering match the color of candle. These pillar candles tend to melt just on the inside so you will not have to worry about wax drippings on the flower ring or tablecloth, should you decide to use one.

Sometimes in the dollar stores, you will be able to get fiber optic items, and if they are the right items, they can easily be used as cheap Valentine's Day decorations. Sometimes we have to look beyond the obvious for cheap Valentine's Day decorations, they need not cause to a ton of money to be romantic.

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