Monday, January 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Cookie exchange

Organizing a Valentine's Day Cookie exchange is quite easy. Simply gather some of your closest friends and exchange the cookies. This handy guide removes the guesswork for organizing the cookie exchange. This makes a fun exchange that might continue as a tradition among your friends.

Make a list of four or five friends who like to bake or decorate store bought cookies. Invite them over for the decorating exchange on a Saturday before Valentine's Day. Either the host can let everyone bring a few dozen cookies to decorate or the host can make. Alternatively, the host can buy the cookies and invite the guest to bring sprinkles, candy, or other festive toppings for the treats.

When the guests arrive have the cookies laid out so they can be decorated, and add the toppings to a bowl so they can be easily grabbed. Toppings in shaker containers are better but not always feasible. Those little red-hot cinnamon hearts or even candy dots will make your Valentine's Day cookies irresistible.

A chocolate bar or peppermint wheels broken in tiny pieces make a very tasty topping, but then again so does melted chocolate you can dunk cookies into. Butter cream frosting that has red food coloring to it makes a nice Valentine's Day pink to give your cookies the festive touch. Add a few more drops of the color to pink icing to make it red for an accent border.

Youtube has a good amount of videos on cookie decorating so be sure to look there for ideas if anyone is stuck, or simply let imagination carry the day.

It would be nice if the host played a romantic movie while the Valentine's Day cookie exchange is happening. Some good choices are 'Serendipity', "Ghost', 'Sleepless in Seattle' and 'You got Mail', I am sure there are quite a few more, but that will give you some ideas.

Serve a nice non-alcoholic beverage to your guest and get lost in the conversation of a good afternoon. Once the Valentine's Cookies are all decorated, divide them up so that each guest can take a bit of love home with them.

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