Monday, February 20, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day Preschooler Crafts

Head to the dollar store and grab a pack of construction paper if you do not have any yet. You will need to purchase the biggest sheets you can because this is for a shamrock man placemat.

Take a big sheet of plain paper, and lay it flat on the table surface, next take a sheet of green construction paper and cut out a large shamrock and paste it into the middle of the large piece of plain construction paper on the table. Have the child draw in the face features, and add feet near the bottom. Your child could also draw hands emerging from the sides of the shamrock.

Add in shamrock stickers or simple allow your child to have fun drawing to their hearts content in the rest of the paper. Cover the entire sheet of paper with clear contact or laminate it so it is safe to use as a place mat.

Shamrocks are always present in any type of this holiday decorations. When my children were all much younger we had fun creating lots of different sized shamrocks and placing them around on the walls inside our home. We also placed some in the windows of our house. You will need plenty of green construction paper and tape to turn your house into a shamrock house.

A parent or older child may have to outline these shamrocks on the paper for the younger children or even cut them out. Everyone will be able to draw upon the faces of these and even a one year old can help hang these with a bit of help.

Create a shamrock mobile out of different sizes of shamrocks. Use your imaginations and get creative with the children on this one. Create a large shamrock for the top, and have other sized shamrocks hanging from the big ones with string. You can paint these; use some glitter, a few stickers, or whatever your child desires within reason to have fun. Hang it with a piece of scotch tape, and this is something your child can be proud of.

I hope you have enjoyed my Saint Patrick's Day preschooler crafts ideas and will find them enjoyable to do with your own little ones this holiday season. All are easy to create and will keep your little ones busy with an afternoon of fun.

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