Monday, February 13, 2012

St Patrick's Day Games for Kids

Tape the shamrock on the Leprechaun.
In this St. Patrick's Day games for kids, the children place a shamrock on the leprechaun, like they pin the tail on the donkey. Tape the shamrock on the leprechaun, simply purchase a large cardboard cut out of a Leprechaun and hang it on a door.

Cut several smaller shamrocks out of construction paper and add the names of each child who will be playing. Double a piece of tape and place it on the back of the shamrock and blindfold each child and allow them to stick the shamrock on the leprechaun. All children who place it somewhere on the image get a prize.

Irish Musical Chairs
We've all played musical chairs but in this version of St. Patrick's Day games for kids, it is just a bit different. Instead of playing regular music, try some beautiful Irish music to expose the children to this music.

Pencil games
Some of the best St. Patrick's Day games for kids expand their knowledge, and allow them to have fun. Come on line, look for holiday related word searches, word scrambles, or mazes, and print off enough for the children to all have fun.

This maybe one of the most creative of the St. Patrick's Day games for kids mentioned within this article. Do a search for holiday related coloring pages and print off several, add the crayons or markers and allow the children to have fun. If you have kids of different ages, divide them into age relate groups and offer everyone a prize.

If you have lots of space try St. Patrick's Day games for kids, which involve using their large motor skills. If you play tag or catch, have the kids yell out a holiday related term just as they are ready to be caught. Playing soccer, the teams could be the shamrocks and the fighting Irish.

Go online and get some Irish facts and trivia that are child appropriate and play a St. Patrick's Day games for kids. Divide the kids into teams or allow them to play individually and win prizes.

St. Patrick's Day games for kids' are a great way to add fun to a party or just to help your own kids pass the time in the holiday spirit. These games and activities will keep them entertained and allow them to be creative.

With Saint Patrick's Day drawing closer, the demand for simple preschooler crafts is quickly approaching. I am going to show you how to make a few Saint Patrick's Day Preschooler Crafts that are simple, fun and inexpensive.

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