Monday, April 2, 2012

Plan a Mother's Day Party

Planning a Mother's Day party is only as hard as you make it out to be. Do everything with your own mom in mind. The rest will come easy. Celebrate Mother's Day's with your mom, and remember it is really all about her so pamper her all day long. When you are planning a mother's day party perhaps, this can help.

First things first, the day of the celebration is an easy, unless of course if you have a working mom. There is no steadfast rule that says you need to celebrate Mother's Day then. Wait until it is her day off if she is a working mom, she will be able to enjoy the effort better if she is well rested.

Next, choose the location. This does not need to be her home, in fact it can be anywhere she enjoys being. If she enjoys the beach or a cabin in the woods, take the celebration there. This is her special time, so allow her personal taste dictate the location. My mom enjoys spending time at the family campground or on the huge deck at her house.

The food sometimes can be a real headache for some Mother's Day party planners. If your mom enjoys a barbeque, than have one. If she enjoys seafood, have a nice seafood brunch.

If you mom prefers picnic food, why not host a picnic. Fire up the grill, and grill a steak, hamburger, or whatever it is, she loves to eat. If a home cooked, dinner is more your mom's style why not a nice Italian meal or hearty pot-roast. The choice should always be exactly what the mom wants.

In our family, we usually have a huge picnic. It is a big family fun filled day. The males in the family run the barbeque while us moms sit and chat. My sisters and I all pick one of mom's favorites and that is what we make for the celebration before we even head to the celebration.

The entertainment can be as simple as a radio for background noise or the birds twittering. Of course, the joyful noise of a family laughing and talking together is always preferable to any music.

Of course, it is always fun to play a game of trivia. Base the trivia on the moms in attendance, or even famous moms in history. Have the trivia questions prepared well in advance of Mother's Day.

The entertainment can be a talent show by family members. I am sure the children in the family would love to 'show off; for mom and grandma on their special day. Make sure all children get some type of small present for their effort.

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