Monday, March 26, 2012

Cheap Easter decorations for kids

For this one you will need one empty egg carton, 1 piece each of red (or orange) and white felt, 12 small sized pompoms and 12 medium sized pompoms, glue, scissors, and imagination.

You can use the top of the egg carton to hold the little piece of felt that an adult has cut. The white felt will be cut into small circle that will become the eyes of the chicks while the red or orange piece will become the beaks of our crafty little chicks.

Add a bit of glue to each eggcup and put a medium size pompom in there, follow that with a dad of glue to add a small pompom to each medium one. Add the eyes and beaks and allow ample drying time. Simply cut the egg carton cups apart, and each segment will become a little chick.

Another Cheap Easter decorations for kids is to make a cool basket.If you have an empty soda bottle or milk carton, just sitting around it too can become a cheap decoration. Clean it well, and cut the top off so that it is only 4-6 inches tall and we can create an Easter basket from it. Fill the bottom with grass and decorate the outside with holiday stickers, or simply cotton balls from the beauty section of your favorite department store. Add paper eyes, ears, nose, and some pipe cleaner whiskers, and kids will love it.

Yet another Cheap Easter decorations for kids is a blooming tree Do you have a flowering tree in your yard or access to one? Watch for when it begins to get the bud nibs and break off a branch. Place the branch into a decorated coffee can or vase with water. Now you can hang little Easter decorations on it that you have picked up at the dollar store for cheap. In a few weeks, the branch will bloom if you keep adding water as needed and you can teach the kids a bit about science while you are doing this.

Cheap Easter decorations for kids do not need to be cheesy, or ugly. The tree, chicks, and even the basket outlined here can help make special memories this year. I hope you will create some of these cheap Easter decorations with your kids this year.

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