Monday, July 23, 2012

Creative Ways to Announce the Sex of an Unborn Baby

There are many creative ways to announce to your families the sex of your unborn baby. Using one of these ways will build the excitement of the upcoming arrival and will announce him or her in a unique way.

My nephew and his wife are expecting their first child and they decided to let the rest of the family know at gender revealing party. The family gathered for a cook out, and the mom to be was presented with a box. When she opened the box, several pink balloons emerged. When the couple had their first ultrasound two weeks prior to the party the Dr. revealed to my nephew the sex of his baby. My nephew was home for this ultrasound but had to report to active duty the day afterwards.

My nephew let his best friend know the sex a few hours before the party so that he could get the right color balloons to surprise his wife. He was on the phone so he could hear the excitement of his wife, but was also sent a video via a cell phone of the reveal.

With all the technology available to us today parents can give very creative with the announcement of their impending arrival or arrivals.

Creative parents could create a web site for their unborn child and upload the ultrasound pictures. The page that has the ultrasound pictures should be gender neutral, as the reveal will happen in the specially created video that the parents will upload. In this brief video, the one parent who knows the sex of the baby will tell the other parent. This way the excitement is captured on film and everyone can share in that stimulation.

If a couple is having twins or other multiples here is a cute way to let the world know. Create a video of one parent revealing to the other parent the sex, and upload this video to share the announcement. If mom knows the sex of the babies, she could hand dad a little pair of socks for each baby. Two pair of blue socks revealed twin boys, while a pair of each color would represent a baby of each sex.

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