Monday, July 30, 2012

Special 10th Birthday Party

When your child turns 10 years old, coming up with an idea for a special celebration to mark the occasion is sometimes a daunting task. A 10 year old is too old for a Barney party, and this brief article will give you a few suggestions to make his or her party one to remember.

Have their party in a special location. Usually this age a child has many friends who will need to be invited. So you need a place that will hold a lot of people both friends and family and one such places your local community hall or perhaps a room at your local volunteer fire department.

My niece recently had a 10th birthday party for her daughter and rented a room at the local fire department. The room was big enough for people of all ages to enjoy themselves, whether they sat at one of the tables or danced in the open space. There was adequate parking, handicapped accessible restrooms, and the kitchen was open so the family had access to the sinks and counter space.

A local deejay was hired to provide music that the preteens could dance to. The preschoolers who are not dancers loved the light show that was synchronized to the music. Even if you cannot afford to hire a professional DJ, having someone play music than the children can dance to is always a good idea. The dance party is a good way to let your preteen few more grown up.

A regular birthday cake will not cut it; you need something more grown up. Instead of the usual one layer frosted cake, try a layered and filled cake. At the local party, there was a huge sheet cake. Half of it was a chocolate cake layered with Bavarian cream and the other half was a white cake with raspberry filling. The entire cake was covered with a cool whip based icing. Everyone enjoyed it.

There was the usual mix of beverages, plenty of water, little juice boxes and assorted sodas which were kept on ice in little barrels. The food table held big bowls of assorted chips, cheese doodles, and pretzels.

There was even a box of leis for the kids to wear and plenty of balloons. There were more balloons than there were children. My niece decided to release the extra balloons for our family members who are in heaven after the party.

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