Monday, August 27, 2012

Father's Day in Heaven, I Miss Ya Dad

Everlasting love is what I have for you, dad
Long shall that love remain
Long shall the memories of you remain
I wish to hear your voice more than anything
Oh to hear your voice to
Telling me one more story about your younger days or
Telling me how to succeed at something that I am struggling with

Thanks dad for everything you have given me
I shall always hold your wisdom close
My heart you will never leave
My life would not be the same without you

Just take care of yourself up there,
Rest in peace dad, I miss you

My dad was a great man because he loved with his heart and told you straight up the real deal on everything. I miss him more than words can say. If one looks at the first letter of each line of this poem, you will know my dad's name.

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