Monday, September 3, 2012

Open House Birthday Party

Organizing a birthday party when you have a large family can be difficult at best. With differing schedules, it can be a nightmare but here is a great idea that will work for almost any family. Our large family found the solution and we are sharing it in hope that it will help others.

With our family, which includes seven adult children, twenty-four grand children, and thirty great grandchildren, we found it difficult to plan any type of celebration. However when it came time to plan a birthday party for the matriarch of the family, we hit about a brilliant solution which will accommodate any schedules or size of family and help our mom with anything she needs to have done.

Having a birthday open house party eliminated all the scheduling conflicts. Those who worked during the day could come spend some time with mom during the evening while those who worked nights could spend the morning hours with her.

We chose the day before her mid week birthday as she works every weekend. As a self-employed person, she cannot simply take the day off. We choose the whole day to celebrate her day, this way the day can be as special as she is. She will not have two or three hours of a party, her birthday party will last most of the day.

We will be skipping the usual birthday cake and decorations. We will be including the desserts and foods we know the birthday girl enjoys. Some family members will bring a crock-pot, while others will bring salads, snacks, drinks or something to grill. Food will be served during the day, so no one will be hungry. Between the breaks in guests, those of us who will be staying all day can help with tasks as needed. Since mom lives alone, there are certain household chores she needs help with, we will tackle those projects while we are there.

Our mom will have a special day, with plenty of visits from loved ones and she will get help with those household chores she needs to have completed. This type of celebration is more meaningful than other types of birthday parties.

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