Monday, March 19, 2012

Easter Party on a Budget

Hosting an Easter Party on a budget for people of all ages can be done easier than one might imagine. This type of party is unique, so it should be well received by the intended guests.

The theme for this Easter Party will of course be bunnies and chicks, and the other decorations should be light pastel colors of green, yellow, pink and of course blue.

When making the invitation search the internet for copy write free graphics of bunnies, chicks, and every thing else related to Easter. Save the images to your computer and with card making software design the invitations with your free graphics.

Purchase napkins, plates, cups, and balloons in the following colors green, yellow, pink, and blue at the dollar store for your Easter Party. Also, pick up some crepe paper that you can use for decorative purposes. Some cheap holiday stickers can be placed on cups to decorate them a touch.

If you have a string of Christmas lights handy hang them around the room to add to the festive atmosphere. If you have a small tree, why not string it with green or white lights and hang little Easter decorations on it. With enough planning, three to four weeks before the holiday go outside, bring in a branch of a lilac tree, and put it in water. It will bloom at Easter time and fill your house with its pleasant aroma and a splash of color.

Print off the images to use as decorations or even games. A big bunny printed on an eight by ten sheet of paper is perfect for planning a quick game of tape the tail on bunny. For little ones sheets of Easter themed coloring pages are always a hit, and for the older kids' one can print off holiday day themed word searches and puzzles. Placing smaller Easter graphics on a sheet of sticker paper will allow the kids to create their own stickers.

Be sure to include an egg hunt at your Easter Party, all the plastic eggs do not need to be filled with candy. To many children these days are on special diets, which restrict sugar so add tiny erasers, and other trinkets to the eggs along with non-sugar snacks. Some eggs could even contain loose change.

Another neat idea is to have special eggs, make sure there are only a few of this color and put slips of paper in them with a number. If you use pink, eggs for this purpose tell the kids, they are only allowed to have one pink egg. AT the dollar store, choose a few special gifts stuffed animals, art sets, or pails of sand toys will work. Put a number on the special gifts and the child who gets the pink egg with that number wins the prize at the Easter Party.

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