Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring party activities for preschoolers

Spring party activities for preschoolers are a fun enjoyable way for these kids to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Children have cabin favor as most as other people do, so having a party specifically for the preschoolers and other young children this is a great way to alleviate the burning desire to get outside. Please allow this guide to help you as you plan your activities for your preschool spring party. It is my hope that the springtime party activities for preschoolers will help you have a great celebration this year.

Treasure hunts can be fun for people of all ages, but preschoolers will need simple verbal directions as to what to find. If there are enough adults to watch the children to insure their safety this is a great outdoor activity.

Before the children come, you want to hide various things around the yard that they can easily pick up, such as a green frog, a yellow egg, or other color specific items, which are small enough for them to carry or to pop in a basket.

All the green frogs should be in one area, and should every item, to make this a treasure hunt. Adults know that a treasure Hunt is played by picking up specific items, but we also know that preschoolers did not have very vast attention spans so we need to limit the amount of items in this treasure hunt.

One adult have to tell the children what they need and then the children go find it. Be sure to say something specific so that the kids can understand where to go, such as the frog behind the big green thing, if the frog is hiding behind a green big tree.

Hide various Easter eggs outside or inside the home for the eager preschoolers to find. Make sure you put age appropriate Items within the Easter eggs as we would not want any children to be hurt at this spring party for preschoolers. Every parent will thank you if you limit the amount of candy that goes into these eggs, so feel free to put other things inside. Give the children of basket and allow them to go in search of the Easter eggs.

If you have a box of pudding in your cupboard you can make a finger paint, which is an easy cleanup, great tasting, and non-toxic for preschoolers. We all know that children love to paint and using a box of pudding, and mixing it with the milk as you would to eat it gives them the perfect finger paint. If you do this activity inside did not allow them to sit at a table, which has carpeting, or rug beneath that. The better course of action is to let them finger paint outside on a deck that you can spray off with the hose.

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